We’re all Human
We donate all profits to charity projects and we’re not doing this all by ourselves. All artists are playing for free, suppliers are coming for their cost and also caterers, partners & sponsors are lending a hand.

Sustainability is one of the building blocks from the festival. We’re all human is our catchphrase: sustainability for human and planet. We’re focusing on reducing waste, using green energy and a full vegetarian food supply. We take the following actions:

100% veggie
We can count on 100 grams of meat on average in Belgium. By becoming fully vegetarian and even some vegan options, we’re saving 1.000 liters of water per person per day. On our amount of visitors, we’ll save at least 5.000.000 liters of water in one day!

Reducing the single-use plastics
The festival is not going to contribute to this plastic mess we know today. For this reason, we’ll reduce the use of single-use plastics as much as possible. Inter alia by using hardcups, banning plastic straws and the prevention of sampling. However, it’s quite impossible to organize a big festival without waste. This waste is being recycled as much as possible. For the catering we’re only using compostable disposables and cutlery because these reduce the environmental impact.

Ciggie poles
Cigarettes are small but this is a large quantity of waste as well. We’ll provide the festival site with ciggie poles for all cigarettes. Please don’t throw your cigarettes on the ground but use our ciggie poles.

Visitor transport
To reduce the impact on the environment we ask our visitors to use public transport. For visitors in the area we advise to come by bike.

Want to know more about our sustainability plan? Please contact