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APRIL, 15th 2018
Recreational lake De Ster, St-Niklaas
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TECHNO FOR HUMANITY We're all human.  

In ’15, Ida Engberg did a call for help on Facebook to get up & do something for the refugees. We immediately started a big brainstorm and Techno For Humanity was born as main purpose to do something back for our society and in particular for the refugee crisis. Soon we got help & support from some of the most famous techno artists we know today.

All profits will be donated to charity projects chosen by artists, partners & sponsors. In coöperation with Green Events, we’ll do our best to become the most sustainable festival from the Benelux. We'd like to thank all artists to join us for this project and play for free.


The latest #TFH news!

We’re off!

#TFH18 has lift-off! We're proud to announce the first charity techno festival in Belgium. Make sure to keep an eye on our page to stay up to date about the latest news. ...


TFH is a sustainable festival

In coöperation with Green Events, we focus to become a sustainable festival. Since 2015, Green Events is the sustainability platform for sharing knowledge with multiple events and festivals. ...



#TFH18 takes place around a beautiful recreational parc De Ster in Sint-Niklaas. A strategic location in the hearth of Belgium with perfect access from highways and big enough to expand our festival the coming years. ...

TECHNO FOR HUMANITY We're all human. Tickets